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Hand Sanitizer

Bare Knuckle Hand Sanitizer

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, KO has re-tooled the distillery from crafting award-winning spirits to producing much-needed hand sanitizer (Bare Knuckle Hand Sanitizer). We are prepared to produce and distribute approximately 1,500 gallons of hand sanitizer per week for the remainder of the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

Product Specifications:
Ingredient                               Product Vol/Vol % by Pure Element
• Ethanol 89.00%                    80.20%
• Denaturant                            0.02%
• Hydrogen Peroxide 3%        0.13%
• Glycerol 99.7 %                      1.45%
• Additional Water                   18.20%
• Total                                        100.00%

SKU – 5-Gallon pail with secured lid with an extractable spout

Click HERE for Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

KO Distilling distills the ethanol used in Bare Knuckle Hand Sanitizer onsite. We do not use methanol in any of our products, and Bare Knuckle Hand Sanitizer is made with the FDA compliant formula.

Order Hand Sanitizer

For individuals and organizations interested in 12 or more 5-gallon containers (which qualify for quantity discounts) and/or anyone with tax exemption needs, shipping requirements, plans for repeat orders, or any special requests, please submit an inquiry. This will add you to our database so that we can follow up accordingly.


For individuals and organizations interested in 11 or less 5-gallon containers, with no special requests or needs (pickup at the distillery required), please make a purchase through our automated hand sanitizer ordering system.



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